Dear Seller I Haven’t Met Yet:

I have been trying for the better part of a week to show your home. I have contacted your Agent many times. She only gets her emails from the “machine” at the office. Your Agent has a work number and a “personal” cell phone (which she doesn’t use for work) so she can only get her voice mail messages at the office. Your Agent needs 24-48 hours’ notice from when she gets the email/voicemail/message at work to show your home. Average DAYS ON MARKET for all of her listings?  Over 200 days…IN A SELLERS’ MARKET!  Your home has not been advertised on social media (NO, her company run website does not count as advertising on social media). She keeps having “Open Houses” but no one reads the paper anymore, so no one knows to show up! My buyers are moving on, and chances are your home will still be there in a month if nothing else comes on the market they like… Once your contract expires, call me! I’ll show the difference a good Agent will make in the sale of your home. Good Luck.

AGENT EXPERIENCE: When interviewing your Agent several questions should come to mind. Experience is on top. KEEP IN MIND experience should be defined as number of transactions NOT how many years someone has been an Agent. You should look for an Agent who has consistently sold at least 12-15 properties a year for the least 4-6 years, MINIMUM. This means they have been in the market, showing properties, negotiating deals, and have their finger on the pulse of the market. Your Agent should have a website, be knowledgeable in all social medias, maybe have a blog, and know what is going on in the Real Estate market and with interest rates. An Agent cannot do that if they are part time! Someone who sells 1-2 properties a year is NOT selling Real Estate, that is accidentally doing something.

Getting ready to list your home? Does your Agent do staging? Professional pics? Where do they advertise? Where on Social Media will your home appear? How knowledgeable are they with mortgages? Can they help you determine the highest and best offer for you to take in a multiple bid situation? (Highest does NOT always mean best…FYI). Choose your Agent wisely!

Remember for all your Real Estate Decisions...think RED!